Strategies and Tips for Soccer Over or Under Online Bets

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Over and under bets are betting options that can be placed on soccer, tennis or any general point based sporting activity. For a tennis match, over and under bets are used to predict the number of sets that will be played whereas in soccer matches, Strategies and Tips for Soccer Over or Under Online Bets this bet predicts the total number of goals scored. Generally, it foretells the total number of points, goals or scores that would close the entire match.

Strategies and Tips for Soccer Over or Under Online Bets

Placing an under 2.5 bet on a soccer match means that for you to win the bet, the game would have to end in a two-goal upper limit. Such that an under 3.5 soccer bet would require that the game ends either as 0-0, 0-1, 3-0, 0-3, 1-1. As long as the goals do not exceed a total of 3. Whereas an over 3.5 bet results in a win if the match ends with a total of more than 4 goals or just 4 goals.

Other than the normal under/over 1.5, under/over 2.5, under/over 3.5 there are those that predict the totals after the first half, such as an under/over 2.5 in the first or the second half.

The above bets are known as classic under/over bets. Besides these, there are some variations that are also important to understand. These include under 2, under 2,25, under 2,75 amongst many others. For the under 2 bet, we win if sum total of goals is 0 or 1. For an exact sum total of 2 then there is complete reimbursement of the bet. However, an final sum total of over that is 3, 4 or even more goals the bet is lost.

Strategies and Tips for Soccer Over or Under Online Bets

Strategies and Tips for Soccer Over or Under Online Bets

The under 2,25 and under 2,75 are more specific bets. This kind of betting sports is equivalent to making two bets simultaneously. For the under 2,25, the two bets involved are under 2 and under 2.5. This translates to a complete win upon the match ending with 0 or 1 goals, half reimbursement should the match end with two exact goals, and eventually losing once the match ends with 3 goals and above.

Here the term win means that the whole amount waged is multiplied by the quota, for a half win half will be multiplied by the quota and the remaining half refunded. This leads us to the reimbursed bet, where the complete wagered amount is returned. Half lost and lost are ideal opposites of the win and the half win.

An under 2,75 can also be written as 2.75 and is a slightly complex bet lying between under 3 and under 2.5. This means that total sum of less than 2 goals is a win, exactly 3 goals result to a half win and finally 3 or more goals end up as a complete loss for the bettor. To make constant wins at goal total sports betting online one has to be careful to remember a few tips. Placing under/over bets is profitable but requires alot of consideration.

Tips to consider

Looking for biggest betting sites and studying how the competing teams have previously performed is a good thing to start with. Is a team a favourite or an underdog both home and away? Do their matches end up in high or low scores? These are some of the questions you should be able to answer. As much as the latest form used matters, it is not entirely important. Previous team scores do not necessarily translate into a team’s exact prospectives. Therefore do not base your betting entirely on previous performances.

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