Cai Shen 888 Slot Machine Hints And Advice For Players

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Cai Shen is a game named after the Chinese God of riches. This gamely is played mostly in China especially whenever a new year begins. To celebrate these new years, the citizens who faithfully adhere to this game would burn money. This is however not real money. By doing this they believe that they would be much richer by the beginning of the next new year. These years are counted using the moon calendar. The Cai Shen online slot game is made up of five reels, twenty-eight pay lines and of course our favorite, the progressive jackpot. Other features of Cai Shen 888 Slot Machine Hints and Advice for players include the instant play, video slots, autoplay, free spins without leaving behind the wild symbols and the scatter symbols.

Cai Shen 888 Slot Machine Hints And Advice For Players

This then translated into the casino gambling game. As it is the norm with anyone who indulges into gambling, players here are not just Chinese faithful but people hoping to make either a few or a lot of extra money. As a result of this, it is necessary to look at a few hints and tips that would guarantee a player some returns, however, minimal, but it is every player wish to make a profit to their original stake. All these features are geared at helping the player draw closer to their bets.Together with these features is the fact that the background setting scenery used is not only breathtaking but also capturing hence ensuring the player will be glued to the machine for quite sometime. This is as even the reels are decorated by ornaments appearing as red columns, also, there are dragon animated ornaments that are wrapped around the reels.

Cai Shen 888 Slot Machine Hints And Advice For Players

Cai Shen 888 Slot Machine Hints And Advice For Players

How to win at Cai Shen

As seen previously, twenty eight paylines and five reels make up the general features of the game entirely. Also, each reel can accommodate at least three symbols. For one to easily stimulate winning a good payout, they would have to stumble or land upon a specific assemblage of symbols according to the instructions and rules of the game. This payout is then calculated according to the amount they used to stake and the symbol combinations.There are command buttons under the reels that can help you specify the number of pay lines you would like to use, the amount of bet you wish to place and the specific size of the coin you would want to play with. Make use of this as a player for an ultimate experience.

There are other options apart from those given by the buttons below the reels. The autoplay feature makes it easy to play as just by clicking once you are able to make the same bet on different spins. For as many spins that you wish to play. Using the bet max button given, you can choose to go directly into your next spin and take risks just so you win the jackpot.Another feature to look out for and use are bonus games. These are important as they help you to not only get prizes but also to triple or at least just double them. The best thing about this is that the accumulated prices and  payouts from these are also added onto your final win.

The fact that the progressive jackpot is an added feature in the the Cai Shen game should be more reason to keep a player tuned and fixated on this game. This can be won anytime and the more you play increases the jackpot amount as a percentage of the proceedings from previous and current spins are trickled into the jackpot account.The game uses card 9 and 10 together with all the card shapes. Creating a needed combination from this triggers a win. Combinations are worth alot hence do not hesitate to use them.

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